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UPDATED NEWS:  Dec. 1, 2017

After extensive research and testing by TauRIS in Germany, TauRIS has made the decision to provide both the R2000 eband and the new HiTag S2 eband.  Both ebands will be in production and available for the forseeable future.

The Hitag S2 eband may be used with existing clocks and loft sensor pads; however, the club entry pad must be upgraded to the HiTag S2 club entry sensor.

The HiTag S2 club entry units can read both HiTag S2 ebands, and TauRIS 2000 ebands.


TauRIS recommends every three to five years you should have your clock serviced.  In May 2011, I went to TauRIS headquarters in Minden, Germany to be trained on how to do the battery replacement, DC Jack repair and clock maintenance.  Clock maintenance includes the internal battery replaced and checked to provide 3.2 volts, clock battery amperage test, any necessary parts installed, clock display adjustment and volume check, the clock tested using TauRIS proprietary software, RAM (memory) test, keyboard test, clock cleaned, and TauRIS clock software version 1.47 US installed.  I am now providing this service here in the United States instead of having to ship the clocks to Germany.  Depending on my backlog,  I can provide this service in less than a week.  It used to take 5 to 6 weeks complete turnaround to have this done in Germany.  The fee for clock maintenance is now $135.00 and includes free return shipping. DC Jack repair is an additional $45.00.  This is a common needed repair on all Compakt model clocks.  If your order includes other products you wish to buy, please include the appropriate shipping charge for that product(s).  Any necessary repairs and parts installed for your clock will be invoiced separately.

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